Bhutan Hardware Association

A message from the General Secretary

Kuzuzangpo la,

Welcome to the official website of the  Bhutan Hardware Association, I hope our website  would be a help to every one of you and hope this website guides you through the journey of the Bhutan Hardware Association. 

The objective of this site is to bridge the communication gap it is the platform  for one-stop information on Hardware sectors in Bhutan. 

We endeavour to give you a pleasant experience while visiting the website and to make it as informative as possible. A lot of information has been provided  across the site which should be handy to the users.

As the Hardware sector is one of the business sectors in Bhutan, which contributes to the economy of Bhutan, this sector has created employment  opportunities and livelihood for the people.  As we look back today, this sector  has come a long way in building society. 

As of today, Bhutan Hardware Association has members all over the country  making it a national association for the hardware Sectors in Bhutan. 

The secretariat Office works towards the welfare and acts as the immediate stakeholder for the Hardware Sectors in Bhutan

We hope that our website will help everyone to get information on the  hardware sectors in Bhutan. 

If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact the  Bhutan Hardware Association secretariat office. We are all always grateful for feedback on the website and recommendations for improvement.

Tashi Delek!

TenZin Namgay 

General Secretary