Bhutan Hardware Association

The Association’s Secretariat office would like to thank NARCOTIC DRUGS & OTHER VICES DIVISION under the Royal Bhutan Police for conducting a meeting along with awareness on the sale of solvents – thinner, diluters, dendrite, and correction fluid, to customers by the Hardware shops in Thimphu.

The Secretariat office would like to thank all the members of the association for attending the meeting as well.

The President of the Association also expressed the need for this kind of consultation meeting and coordination, so that organizations could work together for society and fulfilling the basic duty of citizens of the country. The drug has been a major issue which the country is facing and youth are being affected.

The officials from RBP shared their concerns and findings about solvents -thinner, diluters, dendrite, and correction fluid, being misused by the youth.

The hardware sectors also expressed concern and a way forward to support RBP in this matter. The sale of solvents—thinner, diluters, dendrite, and correction fluid, will be further streamlined with proper monitoring by hardware shops and will be recorded for any inconvenience caused later, which will help RBP track the record.

We express our sincere appreciation to RBP for conducting a consultation meeting with the hardware sectors and we also extend our full support for the betterment of the society.

The secretarial office would like to request the general public if the hardware shop requests the details of individuals while buying the solvents, please cooperate with the hardware shops.

There will be another round of consultation meetings soon.